Thank you for your interest in a visit from PALS.  Due to an overwhelming increase in demand for our services, Special Visits are fully booked until November 2024.  

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PALS and our volunteer dogs and cats are available to come to your work, school or care facility. Each volunteer is trained and screened, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. 

Special Visits Criteria

In response to the dramatic increase in the demand for PALS Special Visits over the past couple of years, PALS recognizes the need to provide more defined criteria for requesting a PALS Special Visit to ensure we are focussing our programs and services on those who are greatest in need.

This criteria (outlined in the points below) falls in line with PALS primary clientele, who are largely seniors living in long and short term care facilities, adults and children who are experiencing harsh life challenges, and those who are in the health care system.

Primary focus of PALS Special Visits:

  • individuals who are experiencing isolation, regardless of the reason, these individuals are unable to move freely to access the benefits of pet therapy. Examples of this population are patients in hospitals, long and short term care facilities, secure facilities such as prisons and mental health facilities
  • those who are at risk, experiencing homelessness, domestic violence, addiction or mental health issues
  • those experiencing an intellectual, cognitive or physical disability
  • those experiencing extreme stress or have a one-time event. Examples of this would be front line workers, those experience a sudden loss of a coworker or
  • a one-time event focussing on mental health and wellness, community events such as Stampede breakfasts, or other events. These visits will be considered if space permits.

Frequency of approved Special Visits will be limited to 4 times a year and needed to be confirmed with the office a minimum of 12 weeks prior to the requested visit.

Those wishing to be considered for monthly visits please be advised that the current wait for a Permanent Placement at your facility exceeds two years as it largely depends on the number of volunteers available.

Frequently Asked Questions
How Long Does the Process Take?
PALS is volunteer-run with many members who work full time. We receive more visit requests than our 400 volunteers can fill, so please keep in mind your request may not be immediately filled.
Can I have a personal visit?
No. PALS cannot accept request for an individual person wishing a pet therapy visit and we are unable to offer visits to private homes
What do you need from us for a visit?
At every facility or special visit at least one Staff Member or representative must be in attendance during the entire pet therapy visit
Is there a cost?

PALS offers all its programs and services free of charge and receives no government funding. Donations are gratefully accepted.